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Facebook [Christina I. Schildknecht] or [Christina Schildknecht]
Twitter [@ChSchildknecht]
E-Mail []
Blogspot [Day by day, step by step, time after time… | published 2010]

‘Salva Grischun’ – Bildergeschichten
[A small lovely strip in work | motion pictures PDF file
photography 2006 – 2009, designed 2009 | copyright reserved]

Image Shop – all rights reserved
[Flash work designed 2008 | E-Commerce]

Children Smiles – a virtual book
[owner-manager from pre-production until to design 2002 – 2011 in work | non-profit project – modern art]

My work has beeing copied and replicated from people around the world, and some of them are using my brand without my authorisation or permission selling products and making e-commerce.

Please be sure they are not helping Children or theire Community donating this money. Be sure this project has been done to defend Children Rights, Human Rights and Aid allround the World.

Have respect to this impartial brand philosophy allround the World and please you’re free to develope your own, respecting my Rights. Christina Isabel Schildknecht

Segel- und Motorbootschule, Werner Sollberger
[designed 2002 – 2012]

Credit Suisse FS – Human Resources Sector – Zürich [Web Master | research and development 2001]

World Point (Europe) [Manager Web Architecture |development of projects linked to languages and translations 2001]

Systor AG, Switzerland [Internet Engineer and Team Assistant |development of projects linked to UBS | Brand Marketing, Corporate Design Guidelines 1998 – 2000]

Verband [Web Designer | launched in the Swiss National Museum in Zurich 1998]

Swiss Expo.01 Media/Web Pressinfo [Web Publisher | french version 1998]