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Small resume

in studies, Law up HS2015
Social Science – Faculty of Philosophy – deanery in change, continuity process – Faculty of Law, University of Zurich HS2011

University of Oxford, application for Herbst 2013/14
Dear Ms Schildknecht
Thank you for your application to read for the Master of Science in Global Governance and Diplomacy.We did not receive all the required documents for the programme of study you have applied to by the deadline for the programme, which has now passed. The following documents were not provided:Reference Letter (I have achive to have one Professor as Reference)
Reference Letter 2
Reference Letter 3 (one more)Only applications which included all the required documents will automatically be considered by departments. Unless you hear from the department in the next three weeks, you should assume that your application will not be considered, and is now at an end.Yours sincerelyGraduate Admissions
University of Oxford | Graduate Admissions and Funding
University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JD
t: +44 (0)1865 270059

‘The Humanist World Bank’
[International Economic Governance Policy Paper 1 – Work, PDF file | University of Zurich 24.10.2011 | copyright reserved]

‘The World Bank & Carbon Finance Unit’
[International Economic Governance Prasentation – Work, PDF file | University of Zurich 12.12.2011 | copyright reserved]

‘Das zusammenspiel von Botschaft, Umfragen und Werbung: Eine Kampagne aus Sicht des politichen Marketing’
[Politisches Marketing und politische Kommunikation: Theorie und Praxis von Wahlkämpfen – Schriftliche Klausur, PDF file | University of Zurich 16.12.2011 | copyright reserved]

‘Brasil – The main South American country’
[Department for Political Science – Optional module „Employment, Poverty and Economic Development – FS 2012″, PDF file | University of Zurich 29.04.2012 | all informations and images are being used for scholar and promotion proposes, and can’t be copy]

‘Deepen analysis of Labour force market situation in Brazil – Written Work (Conclusion)’
[Department for Political Science – Optional module „Employment, Poverty and Economic Development – FS 2012″, PDF file | University of Zurich 28.05.2012 | all informations are being used for scholar and promotion proposes, and can’t be copy]

‘Lobbying in the European Union’
[Department for Political Science – Optional module „The Dynamics of EU Policy-Making”, PDF file | University of Zurich 07.06.2012 | copyright reserved]

‘Publizistik- und Kommunikation III, Aufgabe: Text schriftlich zusammenfassen’ – Abschnitt zu «Handlungstheorien»
[Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research]| University of Zurich 17.03.2014 | copyright reserved]

‘(IGO) International Organisations: Between Cooperation and Coexistence – Work Paper about “Smoke and mirrors: Diplomatic rituals, ruses, and conventions”
[International Governance and Diplomacy, Political Science]| University of Zurich 10.05.2014 | copyright reserved]


University Degree

Bachelor of Arts & Design
in Visual Communication
and Industrial Design
Pontificia Universidade Catolica RJ, July 1990, Brazil

Photographic exhibition
Women Photographer of the 80s [
FUNARTE | RJ 1989]

during my academic education

Photographic of ADC Johnson & Johnson [1st place in the Black & White category | SP 1988]

Industrial Design
“Renato Costa Bonfim” Prize [IX Brazilian Congress of Cerebral Palsy. Co-author of the open theme “Sensorial Kinesthetic Method of Speech” | RJ 1987]

Practical training

DPZ [Duailibi Petit Zaragoza Propaganda | RJ 1989 – 90]

INFOTO FUNARTE [Photo exhibitions, congresses and audiovisual Organization as well Installations – 9th Exhibition of Audiovisuals – in the Auditorium of the BNDES | RJ 1986 – 87]

RIO 1000’s O Jornal do Lazer [Press Photographer | RJ 1986]

Câmara Três Fotografia [Photo assistant and photo archive worker | RJ 1984 -86]


I moved to Switzerland after my University Degree in 1990.

By this time as the Economic crash passed around the world, from April 2001 until February 2003, I started to work as a non-profit jobber helping my community, as a nanny, Babby sitter, webmaster, web designer and web publisher.

In 2003 I decided to seek for a job in Brazil, where I lived for 1 year and 5 month. In between I learned Auto CAD 2002 2D.

2004 I decided to return to Europe and live for a while in London, but at the end of June 2005 I came back to Zurich, where I’m living now.

Today I’m studying at the University of Zurich and seeking for temporary or contract job’s, in Public & International Affairs, also online cross border internet work, as well in intranet (permanent or not), as Fine Art Designer, Desktop Publisher, Web Publisher, Web Designer, CMS Administrator, Databank Publisher, Front-End Developer, Digital Photographer, Image Editor and Image Processor.

For further informations please get in touch under my page Work contact.

1986 RIO 1000’s O Jornal do Lazer | Press Photographer RJ