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Personal ability

Hello, nice to meet you!

I’m Christina Schildknecht – double citizenship Swiss and Brazilian.
Creative, flexible and a responsible person, who can work with great easy in groups or individual. As a team player, I like to support and help. In this way I make use of my qualities of organizational, systematic and analytical straight reasoning in a causally determined, simple and motivating way.

As part of my skill, I’m not a smoker, because…

[Cigarette smoke is a complex medium, separated into gaseous and particulate phases. The components of the gaseous phase include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, volatile sulphur-containing compounds, nitrogen oxides (including nitric oxide – NO), and other nitrogen-containing compounds.] …that’s why!

Be better informed about this destructive interference in ower ecosystem and health.

As part of my skill I protect the nature and by the way… I’m very concerned about the nature devastation and how much trees can help our system to get cleaner and nicer. Well remembering my passt, I grew up near to a few wonderful Forests – and how nice they are!… I can’t believe on all this destruction, in what has been happening. Can you imagine how powerful the air purification through Photosynthesis can be?

(If you can’t see Photosynthesis link where you are, click on here!)